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Internet Marketers
Internet Marketers

Successful Internet Marketers
are Associations for Prosperity


They are those that offer information about products, services, courses, and general advice related to many forms of Internet Marketing and Online Income Development.

It is important to know, right from the start, that in almost any business, online or off, there will be the need for services and products provided by others; they can be referred to as associated business services.

Examples of Associated Products and Services

Examples of associated business services, for an online income producing activity, include:

  • Domain name services
  • Hosting services
  • Website and/or blog development services
  • Email and autoresponder email services
  • Advertising, lead, and traffic to site and offers generation services
  • A variety of financial services, including basic bookkeeping and tax accounting
  • A variety of services to comply with different business legalities including privacy and website policies

The Meaning of Associated Business Services

The manner in which I use the term “associated” takes on a few meanings.

First, it describes services related to business (income production) but more than being related, these services are actually those that habitually accompany each other in nearly equal status. In many instances, they are connected services and activities necessary to the success of the project nearly to the point of one causing the need for the other. As to them being “affiliated” services, that will be further explained when discussing “affiliate marketing”.

Thanks & Welcome
Thanks & Welcome

Think about this:

You have no need for a domain name unless you want to be seen on the Internet but in order to do that you need hosting services. The domain name is your address location in the Internet world of communication. The two are definitely associated.

However, if you are to be seen on the Internet, you need more than a domain name; you need a web, squeeze, or blog page for others to see who you are and what you offer. There are not too many ways to avoid this association – even using social media – because then you will need an email address which, at the least, is available via a browser program such as Google.

Email communication, although considered the king of Internet marketing methods, will work for income production only when advertising the offers of others if you have none of your own. This usually involves “affiliate marketing” where you promote the products of others, make a sale, and collect a commission payment.

There are lots of limitations to that even when using an autoresponder. You will need an autoresponder to handle email communication – especially if you are successful and have many emails to send and follow up.

If you offer deliverable products and services, you will need a method of delivery which usually is accompanied by a method of payment. Lots of associations continue to develop here. Internet income requires some payment process method (lots of companies handle that aspect). Again, this is an association hard to avoid.

As your Internet income production increases, you will need some method of accounting for its financial activities. Many do this using Internet accounting software and services.

In order to be successful, you must get people to see your offers. This is what is referred to as “traffic”. An awesome amount of associations develop here.

Finally, when you become a full-fledged business accompanied by all sorts of legalities and taxation mandates, you will form the most legal of your associations. These are more than just “related” as they are necessarily connected to the law.

And the list goes on BUT the point to make is that these are services that you choose to associate to your own business success and are not “associations” in the formal and legal sense of the word as it relates to a specific, legally determined, business structure.

The Best Associations

Good Business Associations
Good  Business Associations

The best associations are those that help you build your business and achieve your goals. These are the services and products most all businesses need to succeed. They can be outsourced projects and/or services provided by others on a one-time or continuing basis.

The main focus of this blog is to provide information and products that assist in the development of an online income. Earning money online can be an active or passive activity – or both. The “make money online” concept is not a scam though there are scams to be avoided.

Presented within this site is useful information that will help you find the best online money making opportunities that can be afforded on many various budgets of both money and time. There will be much information to guide you in the development of an online internet based business or general online money making opportunity.

Come to respect many internet business owners and marketers, not just for their apparent wealth, but more so for the value of the information, products, and services offered.

I hope to encourage the visitor to this blog to create an online business presence. Read on for more information regarding how to get started and how to both maintain and grow your business or other online income producing activity.

Come Visit Again

Again, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay and continue to come back to see what has changed and been updated.



Associations for Prosperity

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