Be Seen On The Internet

I know that I want an online source of income, but how do I start?

The Basics of Being Seen on the Internet

 Some Basic Elements Need to be Put Into Place

Throughout this site, many aspects of developing online income will be presented. Some methods will involve working for others while other methods will involve your own freelance efforts, or the development of  a monetized blog, or an actual store or other type of business. There are those who already have an offline business that they want to put online. But, no matter what, if you want to earn money from Internet based activity, you need to learn how to be seen on the Internet.

What You Must Have

For the Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY), obviously, you will need a computer and internet connection. There are so many good choices to make for these elements of success that I won’t even try to list them.

A Domain Name

The Main Function of Your Domain Name

Once you have your Internet connection, then you need to be found on the Internet by others. This is achieved by purchasing a domain name (this identifies your presence in a manner similar to a mailing address).

Your domain name is how you want your website to be referred to when not using Internet Provider (IP) numerical addresses (for example:

The domain name is what is typed into the browser’s url address area: (for example: ).

The domain name is meant to be something that can be easily remembered, identifies the main theme of your website and product,  and is easy for the search engines to index.

The average domain name registrar makes it easy for you to use a search box to create the name phrase you decide upon. If the name is already taken by another, then usually variations of it will be presented.

Choose Your Words Carefully

As to what you choose as a domain name, it can range from using your own personal name to a company name, or a product or service description. Ideally, your domain name should use words that reveal why you want others to find you and also reveal what you are offering. More importantly, the words should be those someone would use when trying to locate the item when performing a search engine search.

Which Domain Name Extension is Best For You?

When you start researching domain name development, you will also note extensions to the base name. These extensions can be “.com” to indicate a commercial site, or “.org” typically used to indicate a non-profit organization, or “.edu” to indicate an educational site. There is a constantly growing list of extension options and a domain registrar is the best place to learn about the creation of a domain name that is right for you.

Once you have purchased your domain name, you will need hosting to put this name on the Internet. And, you will need a website to function as your place of business.

Domain Names Should Be Linked to Hosting Services

GoDaddy (.com) and Namecheap (.com) are typical registrar places to learn how to create and purchase a domain name. As for hosting, the most popular hosting options tend to be those offered by the domain name registrar.

However, hosting companies such as,, and many more will offer a variety of services including domain name selection and many more services that will be important to your online marketing efforts. One of the best features offered is the ability of having someone develop your site based on what you describe and then having it done within a website builder that you can learn to edit as you desire. All for a very affordable price.


Your hosting account is what makes the web pages you create available to the world to view. The hosting company owns a web server that rents you space for your website files.

The hosting company will provide nameservers that you will place with the domain registrar. This will connect the domain name to the webpages to display on the World Wide Web (www). This is how the domain gets linked to the web server and how your site gets displayed when one types the domain name into the browser URL address area.

Most registrars provide hosting, and most hosting companies provide domain registrar services. The instructions for setting up the nameservers are extremely easy. The host provides the nameserver details (for example: and that you will copy and paste into the correct area of your domain name manager.

“URL,” an abbreviation for “Uniform (or Universal) Resource Locator,” is the unique address of a specific internet resource such as a web page. Every page on every website on every web server has a unique URL that is shown in the browser’s address field. This web address is the standard way to provide the location of any resource on the Internet that is part of the World Wide Web (www).

The typical format of a URL consists of an Internet protocol (http://), a domain name ( and other optional elements such as a file name (/report.pdf). Each URL refers to a unique web address and is mapped to the computer IP address by special computers referred to as Domain Name Servers (DNS).

Most all domain registrars and hosting companies provide detailed written instructions, along with various forms of help support that will make it easy for you to get up and running.

Be sure to visit the links below under “Related Links” to get a more indepth understanding regarding IP addresses and your website.

So Many Good Choices

There are many good companies from which you can purchase both domain name and hosting and even more setup items such as the design and development of your website. Really, there is little sense to being on the Internet without having a website. That arrangement is really only for advanced affiliate marketers.

Save Time While Learning From Others

If you are just starting, there are so many good affordable options that make getting up and running much easier than doing it yourself. Plus, with most programs, you will also be able to personalize your new site in nearly any manner you desire. The time you save, and the knowledge you gain is truly a time-saver.

Love Your Search Engine!

Again, learn to perform search engine searches for what you need to learn and do. For those on very limited budgets, learn to put the word “free” in your search expression and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results (for example: “free website hosting”). Also, use the word “review” to pull up good comparisons about the different options available (“review of best domain registrars”). Once you get the hang of it, you will fall in love with the results you can find when performing a search for some item.

Now, Get Found on a Search Engine!

Choose your domain words correctly, add a revealing snippet within your website content ( both seen and unseen), and your offer will start showing up in search results. Without getting into detail, let me just say that there is a real mastery to be achieved when learning Internet Marketing.

More To Come

There is still more to cover regarding the basics of getting started and these will be discussed in other posts but, for now, JUST GET STARTED.

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