Ingredients for Successful Sales

Your Passion: A Very Important Quality

There are many approaches as to what is important when choosing products to sell. Not to be overlooked is the amount of passion you have for the product. It is claimed that it is the passion that the marketer brings to the promotional effort that results in both creativity and success.

Passion is the quality credited for developing strong focus and for keeping a determined sales effort alive when sales are slow and profits low. It is essential to like and know the product well enough to convey to potential customers the value of the product.

Your Knowledge of The Product’s
Benefits and Features

It is important to discuss the product’s features, worth, benefits, and its ability to solve some problem for which the customer is seeking an answer. It is frequently stressed that the marketer needs to remain focused on the idea that the customer comes to the product only because he or she is seeking a solution to a problem. They are not searching for the product just out of curiosity or some casual need to spend money.

The customer is seeking something that benefits his or her condition, solves a current problem, and offers more solutions than originally thought necessary.

Both Passion and Product Knowledge

It is claimed that product knowledge without passion will not succeed in helping to develop the mastery that enables one to promote oneself as an authority to be respected and believed. Lack of passion about the product will result in lackluster, ineffective marketing techniques, and reduce the ability of the product marketer to set one’s self apart from many other marketers promoting the same product. Lack of product knowledge results in poor presentation of its usefulness and reduces confidence in its worth to others.

How Many Products to Offer

Then, there is the issue of whether to sell only one product (not typically recommended) or to promote many products (which creates the risk of confusing the customer).

If the marketer recommends only one product, there is the chance that the customer will prefer more options to choose from. When promoting only one product, the marketer risks generating fewer sales than when promoting more than one product.

However, too great a selection of products might confuse the customer to a point of inaction and may result in the potential customer leaving the process of purchasing.

Knowing what to sell and how much to sell comes from having as strong a knowledge about the target market as about the product being sold.


The successful affiliate marketer learns how to analyze which products are proven sellers. Tremendously successful marketers learn to combine a thorough knowledge about the target market with a good selection of products to create a “niche”.

The niche created is limited in focus to a small theme, for instance, the subject of “golf” as opposed to the subject of “sports”. The term “sports” represents a large category whereas “golf” indicates one specific sport.

The delimited subject is then intensified by adding items that are necessary to its performance and that enhance its attractiveness, for instance: golf clubs, balls, bags, clothes, shoes, hats, carts, and so on which are further developed by the use of various brand names and golf masters who provide sponsorship promotional activities for particular product lines. To develop a website and product line devoted to golf clubs only would be an example of a micro-niche (a very specialized part of a larger niche (golf or golf accessories).


The marketer who uses the niche development technique will usually create a website devoted to only one subject. The heavy use of content becomes the tool to deliver knowledge and information about the product being promoted. Content is also used to present the site as an authoritative voice that can be trusted to deliver quality and honesty.

The addition of graphics is intended to deliver even more knowledge about what the customer can expect the product to be and to accomplish. For many website developers, this has become the use of audio and video to promote the product.

The arrangement of the content and graphics, the choice and placement of product keywords, the repetitiveness of keywords, the use of keywords in the domain name, page title, meta tags, and content combine to create a search engine friendly website.

The purpose of developing a website that is specifically focused upon search engine optimization techniques is to rank high in the results pages returned when one searches for information via search engines. This type of website development is known as Search Engine Optimization. It also becomes a specific type of marketing method. Not to be overlooked, is the creation of an easy method of product selection and a simple path to purchase and payment.


There is another approach to product selection that also works well for those who master the skill of knowing how to identify an existing hot demand or fad. The best masters of this skill frequently use business intelligence software. Business Intelligence software uses data mining, reporting, and querying to identify noteworthy trends and existing hot demands. It helps businesses to understand, monitor, manage, and respond to specific situations that further enable decision makers to make better choices more quickly.

Business Intelligence software helps to identify important aspects of your promotional efforts such as types of customers, purchasing trends, competition, and so on. Figures produced indicate which customers are the most profitable, which products perform well, the best times to launch marketing campaigns, and whether or not important goals are being reached.

Business Intelligence analytics can also boost your sales and help to define in what direction to proceed regarding product selection and marketing. These ingredients are just a basic part of developing the sales process but are also fundamental to successful sales.