Know Thyself

Really, the best place to start is with a self-assessment regarding those things related to income production. One strong consideration is whether or not you can both motivate and activate yourself when you have few people or activities demanding your time and providing infrequent direction as to what needs to be done.

Think about the following:

Are you self-motivated or do you require a “boss”?

Do you need training?

Can you follow directions?

Do you know where to go for help?

Do you have strong feelings and/or abilities that can interest and serve others enough for them to purchase from you?

Do you provide consulting, freelancing, or outsourcing services?

Are you selling a service, skill, or product that anybody even wants?

Do you already have a product that needs more exposure? Can it be digitally delivered?

Do you have an already established offline business? Are you able to design a plan for your online internet business presence? Do you know where to go for advice?

Can your business service the needs of people on a national or global basis? You need the internet for true success.

Do you want to join a group that has a very established online business that you can promote as an affiliate marketer?

Get Inspired

Visit the following links to get an objective assessment regarding your work attitudes and skills. Be inspired by the diversity of opportunity. Then decide what type of online income producing activity is best for you.