Resources For Internet Marketers

Online Business and Internet Marketing Resource Tools, Tips, Tricks, and more…

There are so many good free resources to assist you in the development of your online business and internet marketing activities. Below is a short list of these types of resources. Be sure to view any documentation that provides much useful information. Some are totally free whereas others have only a free trial period.

Free Antivirus Software



Digital Care

Spyware Protection (detection and removal)

More about Spyware from Wikipedia 



Adware Remover

Free Adware Cleaner 

More About Adware from Wikipedia

Password Protection
Manage and Protect Passwords


Download Management

Free Download Manager
Windows and MAC

Screen Capture, Download Receiver, etc

You will need to be able to download and unzip many items:

 7 Zip     


Click Here For a review of free zip and unzip programs
16 Free Zip & Unzip Programs
Free File Extractors for ZIP, RAR, 7Z, TAR, & Other Compressed Formats

To read and utilize what you download might require some sort of converter:

To read your document (pdf formats), try:

Adobe Reader

To convert a pdf file to MS Word:

PDF to Word Converter


Doxillion – Document Converter 

For a good review of Free PDF Reader Software Programs, visit:

Free PDF Readers – A List of the Best Free PDF Reader Software Programs

And, never underestimate Wikipedia as a wonderful source of information

Convert an image

Pixillion Image Converter Software 
Convert photos and images to different file formats

FREE alternative to Photoshop – open source program used to create & edit images

The same goes for video and audio

VLC Media Player
Media player reads most audio and video formats.

Prism Video Converter Software 
Convert AVI MP4 WMV MOV MPEG FLV & other formats

Record all screen & audio activity on your computer – create video files

Switch Audio File Converter Software  Convert and encode sound files

Open source software used for recording & editing audio files

Converts documents, images, audio and video

Open source office suite software word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations

Open Office

Time to Develop Your Website with a Domain Name  and Registration



Hosting for Your Website

When it comes to hosting, in my opinion, if you are just starting to develop an online site or business, what will really make the difference is the support department.

Look at price and features, but also look at help sections, knowledge bases, and direct contact to support. Be satisfied in these areas before worrying about shared or dedicated hosting, uptime/downtime, bandwidth, disk size, database management, extra scripts, and the like.

If you do not really understand what these items are and how important they are, then I believe it is best to go with the service that provides the most information that you do understand when in preliminary setup stages. Be sure to understand and like the support system because you will definitely use it at some point in time.

Free and Low-Cost Hosting Solutions 


GoDaddy Hosting


Just Host


Learn more about cPanel the preferred hosting platform

FTP File Transfer Protocol to get your files up to your site and online


Free Website Builders and Design Programs

WordPress    (.org and .com)
Free web software for creating a website, blog, or app. Free and Priceless


Website Builder  


Web Design

Free WYSIWYG Editors

Website Editor

A truly awesome site for learning about coding that develops your site

Online HTML Editor     

Free web design templates

Open Source Web Design (OSWD)

Color That Site

Color Cop
A multipurpose color picker great for web designers and programmers.

ColorPick Eyedropper
See also in Chrome Store

Nail that color! Exactly!

How Your Website Functions

View how your website looks in various browsers

Down For Everyone
See if your website is down for other people

A countdown, reminder, clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, & web countdown tool.