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There are so many good resources for the development of graphics on your site and offer pages. Some of these resources are the do-it-yourself (DIY) variety and others involve hiring the services of graphic artists. For many, it comes down to which item you have more of to spend: time or money.

For the DIY type (do-it-yourself), I list a few of the most well-known and used image editors that enable free use or free trial periods. These can be used to create a variety of images from headers and footers, to buttons, banners, and other types of advertising graphics to be used in a variety of advertising venues, such as traffic exchanges.

Most of these are online tools that can be freely accessed at any moment. They provide basic tools for many types of graphic and image creation projects. Where possible I also refer to a YouTube video that presents a short tutorial for their use. More tutorials can be located on YouTube. When watching tutorials, be sure to follow up on links and references to font programs, image converters, and the like.

These are super places for beginners to easily learn what can be accomplished easily with very little effort and without signing up for an account although that option might be provided.


Online Image Editor
This is a really nice, easy to use, online and instantly available image editor that comes with a help section that will provide solutions for most beginner image editing issues.


Webestools, tools, services, counters, scripts, generators, free webmasters tools

This is a totally free animated banner maker that has an easy to use selection of graphics generators. The instructions for use are easy and listed as actions to complete as you create your banner or other type of graphic. You can preview it as you create. The completed project lists links to access and to place the item where desired. The video below explains how to use the links provided.


Free bannermaker with Webestool to promote your biz

Instant Banner Creator
This is a great site for a total newbie who wants to just get started as quickly as possible. You will learn more than you think possible upon first use.


The main thing about graphics programs is whether or not they explain the use of “layers” and animation in a simple enough manner that one does not get discouraged. Most sophisticated images and graphical designs are created by the use of many special elements and tools. YouTube has many excellent tutorials to learn from.

For this, try:


This is a program used by many who do not buy Photoshop. It is more robust than many others as to what it can do. For the tutorials visit:

Also, I could not resist the following link, the reason being that it is a very quick intro into artistic creation possibilities. There are many other tutorials by Cris’ Tutorials that are very quick run-throughs of the program features and how to use them. The best part of YouTube video tutorials is that you can always replay them and you can usually access a transcripts area for text instructions.

Top 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How to Do | GIMP Mega Tutorial

Another good free image and photo editing application for Windows-based PCs
Overview and Features

A photo editor that does not require the installation of complex design software

Also, there is just the simplistic need for acquiring images whether animated or not:



PresenterMedia Overview
PresenterMedia Tutorials

VECTR (download or use online)

Browser search programs also provide images with some that explain the terms of use, for instance: personal, commercial, licensed or not.

For more information about services that provide a range of sophisticated graphics for many uses, visit the page:

Online Business Basics

Finally, if you have trouble accessing any site by use of the link provided here, then just do a search to locate the site.