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Make Money Online – Work From Home

A Scam?  Spam?

How many times have you wished that you could work from home? How many times have you wanted to make money online? Is the act of earning a living while working from home considered as a business opportunity? Well, yes and no.


Unfortunately, the expressions “make money online” and “work from home” have been deemed as terms that indicate scams. As such, using those terms, or presenting those ideas might get you blocked from some important online marketing services, for instance, email autoresponder services which state that any such terminology basically presents a “spam” risk and is, therefore, a violation of their terms.

How to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act

Complying with the CAN SPAM Act | Federal Trade Commission

Affiliate Marketing
A Legitimate Occupation?

Unfortunately, the same applies to terms like affiliate marketing (a primary method by which to earn money online). The truth is that the act of affiliate marketing is basically the same as that of being an off-line salesperson who earns commissions based on the sales made. However, affiliate marketing comes in three main versions. The affiliate marketer can get paid for making sales (PpS), or for procuring leads (PpL), or for getting someone to complete an action such as signing up for some item (PpA – pay per acquisition). Generally, these terms are most often viewed as CPA and CPL. The difference being whether you are getting paid or whether it is a cost action.


It has also been stated that search engines like Google will not index and show such concepts as “make money online” and “work from home”. However, I just did a search on “make money online” and was provided with “About 2,650,000,000 results (0.35 seconds)” That is a whole lot of indexing! As for “work from home” I received “About 9,320,000,000 results (0.86 seconds)” And, there is plenty on YouTube.com for the same terms.

The Interpretation of Terms

I think it is fair to say that the terms are well intentioned, well used, and really do not imply scam. To be blocked from using various online marketing services based on these terms and their implications is to be uneducated about the correct meanings of scam and spam.

Furthermore, blocking people from services on this basis alone indicates that the Business Opportunity Rule and the concept of truth in advertising is being both misunderstood and misapplied and is really creating a form of censorship that is undeserved.


The basis of such negativity is mostly due to the FTC’s attempts to prohibit and penalize those who present illegitimate business opportunities. Such opportunities frequently also violate truth-in-advertising regulations concerning what is promised versus what is delivered.

Consumers who believe they have been scammed complain about having been deceived with glorious promises of success but are delivered anything but – and frequently at an exorbitant cost that is not easily refunded. Complaints to the Federal Trade Commission resulted in the “Business Opportunity Rule”.

Operation Empty Promises: Job and Business Opportunity Scams | Federal Trade Commission

FTC’s Latest Business Opportunity Crackdown Targets Scammers


The Business Opportunity Rule | Federal Trade Commission

Basically, this is a rule concerning and regulating the legitimacy of commercial business arrangements. The core of it outlines the procedures by which business opportunity sellers must disclose pertinent information to the buyers of the opportunity.

It also mandates that such information assist buyers as regards what can be expected as a realistic outcome of their efforts. Claims as to how much can be earned and achieved must be substantiated. The goal is for the seller to provide the buyer with much detailed information so that the risks can be accurately assessed.

Business opportunities that are governed by the Business Opportunity Rule have three basic legal responsibilities:
1. The seller must provide the buyer with a Disclosure Document seven (7) days before a contract is signed and payment is transferred from buyer to seller.

2. For those opportunities that provide a claim about earnings, there must be another document. “EARNINGS CLAIM STATEMENT REQUIRED BY LAW”.
§437.4 Earnings claims

3. The seller must comply with the terms provided by truth-in-advertising rules especially as regards deceptive practices.

Business Opportunity Rule

Text of Rule

FTC Finalizes New Business Opportunity Rule …

Exposing Business Opportunity SCAMS! 4 Red Flag Rules You Can Follow

FTC’s Proposed “Biz Op” Rule – Less Disclosure by … – Keith Kanouse


Now that you have a basic understanding as to what a business opportunity is and how it is governed take a look at what you are considering.

When viewing ads and simple opportunity presentations, the terms “make money online” and “work from home” are not meant to convey a major business opportunity offer complete with complicated terminology, regulations, restrictions, and large capital outlays. Instead, the terms are meant to convey what can be achieved financially and where the related action can be performed. Simple, direct communication!

What Is The Correct Interpretation
of the Terminology?

For many,  when viewing statements that simplify as: “make money online” and “work from home” it is reasonably understood that what is being presented equates more to a “job” and just as a way to gain income, to make money online while working from home, the beach, an office – wherever! For most of my readers, it is the desire to find extra income to supplement a regular job. For others, it is truly a need to find an income opportunity that can be performed at home without the need to travel.

To create a job, or a freelance opportunity, or to function as a virtual assistant, or to join with a network, or even strive to develop a small online business is closer to what the terms convey as opposed to scam and spam.

Censoring Those Terms is Wrong

Ultimately, it truly becomes an issue of the freedom of expression and is not a violation of any form of truth in advertising. This is especially true if gross exaggeration regarding income claims is not stated.

These Terms Are Not Representative
Of  Both Scam and Spam

In my opinion, to be prohibited from using these simple and direct statements is wrong. Being censored for ads and email content that uses those terms is unfair.

The same applies when also prohibited is the presentation of affiliate products and links. You cannot successfully market an affiliate product without the link that is used to calculate hits and sales. No commissions can be earned without such a link.

Affiliate Marketing is a very legitimate way to earn a living. It is the new age salesperson who performs online. Furthermore, the advertising techniques and industries related to this type of salesmanship and marketing are not scam and spam. The closest action related to spam would be what is considered as “thin content”. To learn more about affiliate marketing and thin content, visit:

4 Content Problems Affecting Affiliate Marketers

Consider These

The following ways are intended to inspire you to succeed with such a goal. It really does not matter whether you call it “earning a living…” or “passive income…” or some other phrase when the true meaning is “making money online while working from home”. That should not be construed as scam or spam.

Furthermore, such activity should not be censored or banned from both affiliate and internet marketing techniques and activities (of which there are many).

Take a look at some of these suggestions. Really visit YouTube.com for some truly inspiring videos.

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Then, there is AMAZON who has a variety of ways to have careers and income opportunities developed while working from home. Just look at the bottom of their web pages.

Also, the AmazonMTurk opportunities are another way to approach making money online while working from home.

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As for Affiliate Marketing, you can most likely find such an opportunity at any major offline store gone online. Check out Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, pharmacies and more. Do a YouTube search to find more.

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These are legitimate businesses and affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn a living. However, you need to be able to advertise using email, search engines, and other methods that should not ban the use of the affiliate link or concept. You should not be penalized and prohibited from using terms such as “make money online” and “work from home”. You do not need misguided inappropriately applied senseless censorship to restrict what you can achieve. You have a right to use direct terminology to get your point across. Visit here to learn more about Affiliate Marketing.

The Purpose of This Site and of
Associated Business Services LLC

Finally, it is not my intention to mislead the reader of this blog. Instead, I hope to inspire as to what can be accomplished with the guidance and help provided by others. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing illegal, immoral, or indecent within this site. Not scam or spam.

I worked honestly for it!

MONEY! I worked for it!
MONEY! I worked for it!

(So, whatta  ya say, Ben, wanna go home and make some Franklins?)