The Affiliate Product

Yours to Sell but Not to Own

The affiliate product is one that is created by its owner but sold by another (the affiliate marketer) who promotes it and receives a commission when a sale is made. The affiliate product can be digital, physical, or a service.

The Focus: Marketing and Sales

For the affiliate marketer, the focus is on the marketing effort as opposed to product ownership.  The marketer does not own the product which also means that the affiliate marketer does not create, produce, control, or lay claim to any form of product ownership including altering the product in any manner such as pricing and does not assume product risks and vulnerabilities.

Affiliate Manager Programs

The affiliate marketer usually uses an affiliate manager program to choose a product to promote. This is not always the case, though. There are many businesses that develop and control their own in-house affiliate programs. When you are on a website that interests you, look to the bottom of the page to see if it has a link to “Affiliates” or something similar. If you click on the link you will be taken to a page that describes that company’s affiliate program. Look up some of your favorite places to shop and see if a reference to having an affiliate program is mentioned on the page – usually in the footer area.

Large Variety of Product Choices

The affiliate marketer can choose any item that is for sale and research as to whether or not it is being sold as an affiliate product.

When using a search engine, search for the product name (or general term) and add the words “affiliate program”. For instance, if I wanted to see if my interest in dog training has any affiliate programs, I would put the following term into a search box: “dog training + affiliate program”. The search engine results page (SERP) returns a list of programs related to dogs and dog training. If I visit a site, more than likely at the bottom of the page, is a reference to a related affiliate program.

I could also just put the words “affiliate programs” into the search box and pull up a large variety of programs to consider. A really good place to search is

Some well-known and reputable affiliate manager programs include:  Clickbank,  JVZoo, Pay Dot Com, Commission Junction, The Rakuten Network, Share-A-Sale, and many similar services. Visit these to learn more about what types of products and services have affiliate programs that you can join.

Affiliate Toolboxes and Free Training

The best part of becoming an affiliate marketer is the amount of free training and marketing tools you can acquire. Most all affiliate programs and affiliate managers prepare an affiliate marketing toolbox.

The toolbox contains many types of advertising tools such as content to be used in emails, signature boxes, forums, Twitter and other social programs that permit advertising. There are also graphic banners for placement on websites and in traffic exchanges, keywords for advertising in services such as Adwords, and for articles, blog posts, reviews, and ezines.

Some offer videos for YouTube advertising that can also be placed on the affiliate marketer’s web pages. Most also offer a variety of splash pages, squeeze pages, solo ad content, and more.

Frequently, there will also be a list of places where you can advertise. Many affiliate programs also offer courses and mini-lessons regarding how to advertise. Webinars are great sources of continued training.

Some even offer contests with great prizes so as to motivate the affiliate team.

If you are a talented marketer, your creativity can possibly be permitted by the product owner when developing some new approach.

Might Be The Best Free Training You Will Ever Get!

Really learn how to market a product by starting with an affiliate product. In my opinion, the toolbox and training are some of the best features of becoming an affiliate marketer. Learn how to market here before struggling to advertise your own products.