The Earnings Disclaimer

The Earnings Disclaimer
is a Common Disclaimer

Do I Need An Earnings Disclaimer?

The Earnings Disclaimer may apply to various types of items purchased. It could possibly be found on a website, within a document or pdf, or as part of an agreement made when joining with a group of others who promote and sell a product, method, technique, software, script, informational item, idea, or whatever is intended to support the effort to produce income.

Generally, the following statements are contained within an earnings disclaimer statement:

  • The item does not represent any type of “Get Rich Quick Scheme”

  • There is no promise or guarantee that any earnings will be achieved by use of the product. No warranty, express or implied, is made regarding the product user’s ability to achieve earnings results

  • Earnings are subject to the user’s level of intelligence, experience, skill, effort, financial capacity, and ability to utilize the item, idea, technique, or product. As individuals vary, it can be expected that their results will also vary

  • The product developer and/or promoter is not responsible for the individual’s actions or use of the product

  • The product developer and promoter disclaim any personal liability, either directly or indirectly, for any loss or risk incurred as a result of the use of the product, including any information or advice contained therein

  • Every effort has been made to accurately present the product, its potential, and typical results

  • Claims regarding earnings success can be verified by the product promoter

  • Claims or statements may also be based on “forward-looking” statements regarding expectations and forecasts regarding future events

  • Such forward-looking statements are an attempt to represent product potential and are so indicated by the use of language that implies futuristic events. (Some give examples of these types of words, such as: anticipate, expect, project, etc.)

  • Any future success or failure cannot be guaranteed by the product developer and promoter as there is always the element of uncertainty and unknown risk that can occur and that cannot be known at the present time

  • Your future results and/or success cannot be guaranteed as there are always unknown risks that cannot be accurately foreseen and assessed in the performance of business because of the constant changeful nature of the Internet

  • Your success is based upon your own due diligence and you agree not to hold liable, directly or indirectly, the product developer or promoter for any success or failure of your business related to the purchase and use of the product

  • Results will vary greatly depending on many factors that are beyond the use of the product and the scope of this disclaimer

Isn’t it amazing how many times you need to disclaim some aspect of your income producing activity?

Earning money online is not as simple as some make it out to be. It really depends on how you want to earn online income. However, if you are going the route of developing your own online business, be sure to learn about disclaimers and other types of policies that are required for your business – and – (believe it or not) – as a presence on your website, web pages, and blog. Ignorance is not bliss.