What Can I Do To Earn Online Income?

More Than You Presently Think Possible

This post will cover some elementary methods of earning money online that will enable you to also become self-employed.

What Are You Good At?

Besides the technical issues of developing the online income earning opportunity, is the other aspect of what to do to get customers. Do you have a product that is desired?  What about a service you offer?

Take Stock of Your Skills
and Primary Interests

What would you do for off-line income? Generally, if it can be done off-line, it most likely can be done online.

Some General Ideas

Are you interested in customer service conducted by phone, email, or other types of help/support systems?

Would you be able to be a virtual assistant capable of managing an online office complete with online employees and the typical offline office tasks but now performed online?

Can you perform the typical financial duties that accompany most business enterprises?

Can you manage online retail and procure sales?

Can you prepare product or service presentations?

Can you develop and carryout marketing plans and services?

Are you competent at any type of consulting service?

Are you a master of a particular type of software such as those used for accounting, statistical needs, brochures or newsletters?

Do you like typing and data-entry?

Are you artistic?  A photography buff?  A Crafts Person?  A writer?    A teacher or tutor? A translator? A nutritionist, health care specialist, or personal trainer?

Do you have a special hobby that you can turn into a business venture?

The point I am trying to make is to have you really try to objectively assess your skills and interests.

Furthermore, before seeking physical products to sell, I encourage you to visit online job services to learn about what is being sought by others and the skills requested and required. If you can work for another, it won’t be long before you can work for yourself.

Working for another brings me to suggest that you learn some basic affiliate marketing skills. How to become an affiliate marketer is covered in more detail in another site of mine:  Affiliate Income Sites.

Whatever your basic interests are, there probably is a product being sold that caters to the subject. The product developer doing business online will be seeking others to sell this product using online selling techniques and will pay a commission for sales and leads procured.

Digital marketing and sales require some new ways of doing things and, when first starting, the best way to learn about these is through affiliate marketing. When you sell the products and services of another, generally, you will get not only a commission but also a variety of selling tools to learn to master. Generally, the only cost you will have is in marketing the product. This is more affordable than you first imagine.

I also encourage you to consider starting with informational and digital products as these will be less expensive than other types of products when first starting out. In many instances, the sales methods will be the same as those for physical products as will also be the typical set of business statistics regarding customer value, commission and conversion rates, break-even, and all the typical stats that go into measuring off-line business success.

In other posts, I go into more detail about types of online money-making opportunities that will lead to self-employment and possibly the development of your own business.

So, sit down, relax, and decide what will bring you the most enjoyment when spending time obtaining income.